Marjorie Solomon

Position Title

  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • MIND Institute
  • Imaging Research Center

Improving the Lives of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their Families: A Pilot Trial of the Adult Social Knowledge (ASK) Workshop

The future is often bleak for adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). They exhibit poor social and vocational outcomes, a higher burden of health and mental-health issues, and report low levels of life satisfaction. Despite a large number of individual with ASD entering adulthood, more evidence-based interventions or services are needed to help them achieve better life outcomes. In this study, we will conduct a waiting-list controlled trial of a new potentially scalable, culturally competent, community or clinic-based intervention and services model. The model is an adaptation of an adaptive skills training model that has been used successfully in adults with schizophrenia that has been modified based on our 15 years of experience teaching social skills to children and adolescents. The new curriculum is designed to improve social, vocational, self-care and community engagement outcomes for adults with ASD.