Johnna Swartz, Ph.D.

Johnna Swartz

Position Title
Assistant Professor

Human Ecology


Using neural and contextual predictors to disentangle etiological pathways towards alcohol abuse in adolescents

Dr. Swartz will work with her mentor, Dr. Amanda Guyer, to conduct research aimed at identifying brain markers that predict different pathways of alcohol abuse in adolescents.  The goal of this project is to examine whether reward-related brain function predicts alcohol abuse with different patterns of comorbidity, including alcohol abuse with and without comorbid depression.  This research will also examine how parent and peer relationships influence these patterns.  Ultimately, this research may aid in personalizing preventions and interventions for individuals, as different approaches may be required to prevent or treat alcohol abuse that stems from different etiological pathways.  During completion of this research project, Dr. Swartz will also receive training in cluster analysis, mixture modeling, and the neural circuitry of reward processing, and will apply for extramural funding to support her independent program of research.

Mentor: Dr. Amanda Guyer