Rusty Selix

Event Date

UC Davis Health Education Building, Lecture Hall 1222

Presented by Rusty Selix, Co-author of Prop. 63 

In 2004, voters in California passed a new initiative on the ballot named Proposition 63 or the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). The Act itself was created and written by Rusty Selix, the state’s lead advocate for mental health, and former Senate Pro Tem, Darrell Steinberg, who was an assemblymember at the time. The MHSA was designed to expand and transform California’s county mental health service systems. 

Selix will share the story behind the Prop. 63 initiative and why keeping a focus on mental health policy has been critical for the people of California. This lecture is open to the public with a special focus on students from the UC Davis School of Medicine who are interested in policy and healthcare.