SB-82/833 Evaluation Webinar | Mental Health Crisis Adult/TAY Programs in California: Evaluation Plan | Part I

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Event Date

Zoom Location, Registration Required

A presentation on a proposed evaluation of California county mental health crisis intervention Adult/TAY programs funded by Senate Bills 82 and 833. Feedback on the evaluation plan will be requested. The second part of the webinar will be held on Thursday, May 21st from 1 - 2 pm. 

Learning Objectives:

- To understand the quantitative methods the evaluation team will use to estimate the effect of SB-82 programs on the MHSOAC's key outcomes.
- To understand how stakeholder feedback shaped our methods.
- To understand how qualitative methods will be utilized to incorporate stakeholder experiences into the evaluation of the SB-82 funded programs.
- To understand how looking forward real-life experiences will continue to shape the evaluation plan.

Speakers: Tom Orrock, MA, LMFT, Joy Melnikow, MD, Andrew Padovani, PhD, Mark Savill, PhD, & Melissa M. Gosdin, PhD