SB-82/833 Evaluation Webinar | Mental Health Crisis Programs in California: Evaluation Plan Overview

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A presentation on a proposed evaluation of child, school-county collaboration, adult and TAY mental health crisis intervention programs funded by Senate Bills 82 and 833. Feedback on the evaluation plan will be requested.

Learning Objectives:
1. To understand how Senate Bills 82 and 833 funds have supported mental health crisis intervention programs throughout CA to expand child crisis programs, school and county collaborative programs, and programs helping adults and transitional aged youth (TAY).
2. To understand the overall goals of the plan to evaluate the effectiveness of programs (Adult/TAY; Child Crisis Intervention; School-County Collaborative) for meeting mental health needs in CA.
3. To understand the main evaluation approach for Adult/TAY, Child Crisis Intervention, and School-County Collaborative programs.
4. To understand how the evaluation plan has been developed with stakeholder input.
5. To review how ongoing stakeholder input will inform evaluation of all programs (Adult/TAY; Child; School-County).
• Cameron S Carter, MD | Principal Investigator, UC Davis
• Sheryl Kataoka, MD, MSHS | Lead School-County Investigator, UCLA
• Tom Orrock, LMFT | Chief, Commission Operations and Grants, MHSOAC
• Andrew Padovani, PhD | Senior Statistician, UC Davis
• Kenneth B. Wells, MD, MPH | Principal Investigator, UCLA
• Dawn Williams | Health Program Manager , Department of Health Services, Behavioral Health Services, Sacramento County
• Bonnie T. Zima, MD, MPH | Co-Principal Investigator, Lead Child Investigator, UCLA

For more information about the Adult/TAY evaluation plan, please visit the MHSOAC website here:

For more information about the SB-82/833 project please visit the project website here: